Sam Seale Tribute, Irish Openair Toggenburg 2017

With Monique Schwartz-Seale, The Beermats, Max Kühni, Roger O'Dubler, Christine Regard & Pascal Schlatter.
Pigeons On The Gate also dedicated one of their new song to Sam, thank you.

Some pics are from Bettina Schaufel & Jorge Caparros
IMGP5324 IMGP5332 IMGP5291 IMGP5808 SAM 1303 SAM 1304
SAM 1305 SAM 1306 Pascal IMGP5784 SAM 1384 IMGP5787
IMGP5803 Mats-sam-jme mats-christine SAM 1365 SAM 1382 SAM 1383
SAM 1387 SAM 1388 SAM 1389 IMGP5338 IMGP5752 IMGP5753
IMGP5754 IMGP5755 IMGP5756 SAM 1390 SAM 1391 IMGP5282
IMGP5283 IMGP5284 IMGP5285 IMGP5288 IMGP5289 IMGP5293
IMGP5294 IMGP5295 - Copie IMGP5295 IMGP5296 IMGP5297 IMGP5298
IMGP5299 IMGP5300 IMGP5302 IMGP5306 IMGP5307 IMGP5308
IMGP5310 IMGP5322 IMGP5325 IMGP5786 IMGP5328 IMGP5782
IMGP5785 IMGP5788 IMGP5791 IMGP5793 IMGP5790 IMGP5794
IMGP5796 IMGP5797 SAM 1411 IMGP5800 IMGP5805 IMGP5792
IMGP5806 IMGP5789 IMGP5809 IMGP5801 IMGP5813 IMGP5816
IMGP5812 IMGP5798 IMGP5817 IMGP5802 IMGP5810 IMGP5818
IMGP5814 IMGP5819 IMGP5811 IMGP5820 IMGP5799 IMGP5341
IMGP5821 IMGP5342 SAM 1416 IMGP5246 IMGP5248 IMGP5249